Welcome to MoneyBags Property Group

The key to each successful stage of one's property journey.

Our Team has a genuine passion for property in all shapes and forms. Without passion, it would be a job. With Passion, it’s a life, and more importantly your lives we are contributing to. Each team member has the experience in Sales, Customer Service and Community Engagement that brings a skill set to each of our clients to ensure they are in the best hands.

Not only is our Principal a renowned successful entrepreneur, she is motivated to maintain a proactive team who is also successful in their own right. We will do what we say we will do. We will use our initiative to provide you not only an exceptional service, but a First Class Service, one you deserve.

We are driven to deliver an elite service that delivers results. What this means for you is that you not only receive a service second to none, but also you can rely on the good old fashioned personalised service where you are NUMBER ONE. Our Team works professionally and proactively for our clients and we feel this in itself is a unique quality that is somewhat of a rarity in the real estate industry.

We are able to offer a range of marketing packages, personalised to what best suits your property. We will provide supporting facts when assessing your property and offer our advice on how you can sell your property in its best light. Everything we do is supported and comes from extensive research. Research takes time and we will invest time for you to get you results.

You are entrusting someone with your biggest asset. That in itself is important. We will keep an open communication with you throughout the process regularly and provide weekly updates in writing so you can track our progress.

We are fortunate enough to have an in-house Finance Specialist and Property Specialist. This brings Investment experience and finance structuring knowledge that is invaluable. Should you require finance to assist with a future purchase or transaction, do not hesitate in asking the team for the Contact Details of Moneybag Finance.